[DISCUSSION] Hidden and Open: O'Keefe as "everyman"

Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Fri Feb 14 04:16:42 UTC 2003

On Thursday 13 February 2003 08:05 pm, Mike Thomas wrote:
> Hi Ned.
> | I just did this successfully:
> |
> | * make a Rectangle and an Ellipse.
> | * open up the Rectangle's viewer.
> | * pull out the sentence "Rectangle's color <- {red patch}"
> | * drop the sentence on the desktop; it becomes a script.
> | * get a tile for the Ellipse.
> | * drop the Ellipse tile on the Rectangle's tile in the script
> | * run the script: the Ellipse turns red.
> I did this and it worked as described.  However, the Scriptee name
> in the top row of the script remains as "Rectangle".

Yes. That's the object that owns the script.

> What is the implication of that?  For example, is the scriptee
> really the rectangle or is it the ellipse?

It's the rectangle.

>  Is the rectangle just
> sending a message to the ellipse?


> Is it possible to change the Scriptee name?

I don't think so, other than changing the name of the original object 
for which you constructed a script.

Ned Konz

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