[ENH] MorphGeometryTweaks-efc

Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Fri Feb 14 00:44:31 UTC 2003

On Thursday 13 February 2003 04:31 pm, tblanchard at mac.com wrote:
> The struts and springs model is good for general layout and handles
> pretty much everything but grids - for that you want a grid
> component.   Can I get these setting with the current layout
> scheme?  I'd be happy to write a layout control morph and add a
> halo button for it if I could figure out how to use the existing
> machinery to do this.

We have a ProportionalLayout that uses proportional fractions (plus 
fixed offsets). Many of the results you might want can be done with 
this (it's similar to what VisualWorks has/had, as I recall).

Alternatively, you can define your own LayoutManager and plug it in. 
So if you wanted to do a struts/springs layout manager, you could 
make one without too much trouble.

The layout manager gets delegated requests from a Morph like:

layout layout: self in: layoutBounds

And the layout manager can do whatever it wants to size/move the 

Ned Konz

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