Delegation? self?

Adam Spitz adspitz at
Sat Feb 15 09:08:12 UTC 2003

amottadelli at wrote:

> This just to say that my "vision" an view of
> software development have never been the same
> after reading of Self and in all this years it
> has intrigued me as a possibly better way of
> designing software.

That's exactly the feeling I had when I learned about
Self. :)

> Is just me? Has anybody experimented delegation in
> Squeak? 

Stephen Pair did the hard work of extending the VM
with delegation bytecodes:

That'll give you Self-style objects, and an
Inspector-like interface for working with them.

Lately I've been working on creating a Self-like user
interface on top of Stephen's work. (I've been kinda
dissatisfied with Smalltalk's tool-oriented approach
lately.) I've got a very bare-bones version almost
working right now. If anybody's interested, I'll
ignore my real-life work and try to clean up a few
last issues (mostly Morphic-related - getting my
outliners to lay themselves out properly) and release

Adam Spitz

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