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Ned Konz <squeak-dev at lists.squeakfoundation.org> said:
>OK, so I went to Spamcop. Seems that there is an *experimental* blocking system
>there that somehow samples mail from specific servers. 
>Spamcop says, in fact, *NOT* to use this service for production systems:

If you were living in a lawyer-infested country as the USofA, you would
probably put these disclaimers on your site as well. Fact is that a
large number of ISP's is using Spamcop for production systems, just like
we are (in case you don't know, I'm co-founder and CTO of The
InternetOne and as such fully responsible for using Spamcop). 

Spamcop is quite good because its records have short time-to-live
values. The address you mentioned has been removed already from
Spamcop. The correct action here is to study the two reports and check a)
why they were sent through the same mailserver as you are relying on,
and b) what to do about it. In case of doubt, report it to your ISP. 

About 20-25% of the connection attempts made to our systems are rejected
because the originating addresses are blacklisted on Spamcop or one of
the other systems we check; we have had this system in place for well
over a year protecting tens of thousands of mailboxes, and only a few
complaints - and of these few complaints, most could be resolved by
pointing out the (MS Exchange) open relay these people had hooked up to
the Internet. So it works surprisingly well and judging by the number of
connection attempts we're keeping quite a bit of spam outside...

>Help! I can't stand Yahoo mail!
Sign up with our new webmail service, you might like it better:

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