Two important issues...

Daniel Vainsencher danielv at
Sat Feb 15 13:55:43 UTC 2003

cg at wrote:
> However, it is an unrealistic demand. If people were to put an awful lot
> of time into refactoring, say, Morphic or all of Squeak's collections,
> they'd demand the work be used. It is unfair to ask for such a large
> investment in an Open Source project. 
What fair got to do with it? see 3.3aModules, google ESR+CML2 or
2.5+ide+cleanup (a guy release patches for kernel 2.5.6-19, then he got
tired of pushing adoption, 2.5.20 had a foreward port of the 2.4
version, his changes purged).

The day anyone starts getting promises that their work will be included,
unseen, I'm done being a Guide.

> I think that the Collections
> refactoring is a good example of a real life class hierarchy and how it
> can be cleaned up with Traits, and what we need to do is probably look
> at our own projects, extrapolate how they'd look with Traits, and make a
> decision based on that.
With that, and everything else you said, I agree.


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