Current State of SmaCC?

Alan Kay Alan.Kay at
Sat Feb 15 16:34:12 UTC 2003

I think I've missed a few messages about the state of SmaCC. I have a 
very bright High School student intern who could learn quite a lot 
from it.

What is its current state? What versions of Squeak does it (will it) 
work in? Is there a simple way to get it going? What kinds of extra 
documentation/knowledge will he need to start poking around with it?




At 11:17 AM -0500 2/15/03, Anthony Hannan wrote:
>Stephane Ducasse <ducasse at> wrote:
>>  We all know that the RB AST is better than the one in Squeak. I coded the
>>  night during 2 months a new pretty printer and started to hate the way the
>>  node do not know their parents and other strange behavior on comments.
>>  So ***we*** want to use SmaCC.
>I have also decided that SmaCC and RB AST would be better that what I am
>currently using for the closure compiler.  Over the next few weeks I
>will refactor the closure compiler to use SmaCC and RB AST.


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