Adding methods in the Debugger

Adam Spitz adspitz at
Sat Feb 15 17:53:57 UTC 2003

Ned Konz wrote:

> On Thursday 13 February 2003 12:58 pm, Alain Fischer
> wrote:
> > When you use the contextual menul on a
> > #doesNotUnderstand: of the context stack
> > list you see an additional menu with submenu
> > representing the class and superclass of the
> > context receiver. You can then choose the
> > wanted class and a stub method is compiled
> > then the DNU context is replaced with the
> > compiled method.
> This doesn't work in MVC.

Good point. Is there a reasonably-easy way to make a
decent UI for this in MVC, or should we just disable
the whole thing when we're not in Morphic?

Adam Spitz

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