Two important issues...

Jim Benson jb at
Sat Feb 15 18:57:53 UTC 2003


I've been watching, I know who you are :-) You do good work. I understand
your research needs, as I'm sure you understand why some folks have
trepidation about making wholesale changes to the parser/compiler and
replacing the browser, especially all at once.


> However, this has _nothing_ to do with "threatening and make Squeak
> comply" at all! (I know that Stef's emails are sometimes a bit short and
> direct, but everyone who knows him also knows that he doesn't mean it
> like that).

I sit on the other side of the world, don't know Stephane, probably never
will. Don't mind him being direct. However, I do mind reading things like
Squeak *must* do this, this, and this or we're leaving.

I also mind when people demand the inclusion of things without submitting
the code that implements it, as if some magic fairy is going to sprinkle
some pixie dust and grow a new from scratch approved browser overnight. I'm
pretty sure those tones were one of the reasons that we lost Henrik, who
contributed quite a bit to the community.


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