Pink Plane vs Blue Plane

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Sat Feb 15 22:39:10 UTC 2003


> 	What I'm saying is that it seems needlessly complex for the 
> 'flexibility' it gives you. The amount of up-down-sideways message 
> passing, just makes it had to control conceptually.

Like I was saying - if you have something easier that provides us with the
same amount of power and flexibility I'm all ears.

> 	I'm not arguing for naive, I'm arguing for clean, sane, easy to 
> understand, and easy to write tools that can use it automatically ( 
> populating menus to select event gen, etc )....

I'm not "arguing" here - I merely think it's impossible in this case. Having
banged my head against all of the issues involved more times than I can
count, I'd gladly take some education on how to make it cleaner, more sane,
easy to understand without giving up power and efficiency.

Please, don't argue in the abstract (it "should" be x, y, or z) unless you
have some code to back your argument. Because in this case I can either show
you what's missing, or alternatively learn something new. It doesn't help if
people only say "it should be so and you figure out how to make it so". I
can't. So unless you have some code in this discussion it's just entirely
pointless for me.

> > This you gotta try ;-) How about ... having a "quit" button behind
> > some other morph and trying to pick up this morph?! Bye, 
> > bye... No, I really don't think so.
> 	What about 'viewglass' morphs ala parc? That you drag 
> over other morphs to show some 'internal' state. IE, restaurant
> listings overlapping a  map morph, etc. You might want the clicks
> to pass through one morph, and end up in the other.

This is a non-default behavior (specific to the viewglass). The framework
implements the default behavior and leaves room for non-default solutions if

> 	It may not always be useful, but it should be doable 
> for the cases where it is useful.

Who claims it isn't? It's trivially doable (in at least two quite different
ways). Check out halo morph - it does exactly what you describe (leaving
through all non-blue button clicks and capturing all blue-button clicks).

  - Andreas

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