Wonderful Connectors...

Daniel Vainsencher danielv at netvision.net.il
Sun Feb 16 02:24:43 UTC 2003

I just used them to make a huge diagram of prerequisites for university
courses... I love Connectors. And changing colors of stuff is amazingly
easy in Morphic.

Anyway, when I enter the drawing I get a nice menu bar allowing me to
save drawing. It tries to offer me a file name ...1.cdg, but it doesn't
remember the name I gave it, which would be even cooler.

BTW a hint - if you're going to reuse something very often (especially
connectors) - put them in a flap, and make it insensitive to drag so it
stays open. Then your initial drag can already connect one side of the
connector, so it's two gesture to add a connector. 

(Wishing I'd discovered this earlier...)


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