SUnit 3.1 - File-In question

Hannes Hirzel hannes.hirzel.squeaklist at
Sun Feb 16 18:28:52 UTC 2003

Hi Diego and Francisco

Thank you for porting SUnit 3.1 to Squeak!
<diegogomezdeck at> wrote:
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> Hi guys,
> Yesterday, in SmallNic, Francisco Garau and me ported SUnit 3.1 to Squeak.
> We create a changeset that includes the remove of the old 3.0 stuff and
> install the 3.1.
> Also we modify a little bit the default testrunner.
> Please test it! When we are sure it's work, I'll create an entry on
> squeakmap.
> Enjoy it,
> Diego Gomez Deck

When I file in the changeSet in Squeak 3.5alpha I have a pop up message
'The change set contains unprocessed do-its' or something like that.

I chose not do evalutate these do-its. Is this OK?


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