Implemeting a memory OO database in Squeak (was Re: port of prevayler)

Hannes Hirzel hannes.hirzel.squeaklist at
Sun Feb 16 20:23:52 UTC 2003

Hi Frank
Frank Sergeant <frank at> wrote:
> Marco Paga <mail at> wrote:
> > Is anybody out there who wants to port prevyler to squeak? I have a 
> > version aviable, but that one is badly designed. You can't extend it in 
> > any way.
> > So the next version NEEDS to be better.
> > If you are interested please let me know.
> How is your implementation licensed?  From the heading of your 13 Oct
> 2002 changeset, it looks like you are using GPL.  If so, I think this is
> a terrible idea.  If it is something for Squeak, why not use Squeak-L or
> something even more permissive?  Is your implementation derived from the
> actual Prevayler code (which is LGPL)?  I do not see how I can use GPL
> or LPGL.

Marco is planning to rewrite the whole thing. He likes to do it
and is looking for somebody to work with him. (SUnit !)

As prevalyer is written in Java and Marco is writing it in Squeak there
is no need to 
choose GPL and LPGL for the Squeak version.
It is the code of Prevalyer in Java which is GPL licensed, not the
The ideas are straightforward and generally known. You may use them in
context and write software and put the software under any license you

Hannes Hirzel

P.S. There are already some OO and non OO database efforts for Squeak
see - Databases and Persistence

- File Dictionary
- MinneStore
- GemSqueak
- Kats
- PostgreSQL
- SQLite
- SIXX - Smalltalk object XML serializer/deserializer
- BerkeleyDB Plugin
- Magma
- Glorp
- Tantalus
- SPrevayler

Did somebody do an evaluation of the concepts / quality of these
If yes, please post remarks there.

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