[BUG] Set>>collect:

Bill Spight bspight at pacbell.net
Mon Feb 17 05:03:58 UTC 2003

Dear Richard,

> Bill Spight <bspight at pacbell.net> wrote:
>         And, upon reflection, I think I understand your point about
>         PluggableSets better. Thank you. :-) But PluggableSets do not seem more
>         general than Sets.
> PluggableSets can simulate Sets.
> Sets cannot simulate PluggableSets.
> Doesn't that mean that PluggableSets are more general than Sets?

Interesting idea. :-)

If ClassA inherits ClassB's behavior, but adds other behavior, ClassB is
a subclass of ClassA, but can simulate ClassA simply by not using the
added behavior, whereas ClassA cannot simulate ClassB without it. Hmmm.

Many thanks,


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