Fun with Morphic, trouble with lines..

Chris Muller afunkyobject at
Mon Feb 17 06:18:22 UTC 2003

Hello all.  I've finally started digging into Morphic and having fun playing

I'm really impressed with how much the framework takes care of for you.  I've
also noticed it's pretty easy to mess things up badly enough where I didn't
want to save my image.

One thing I'm curious about..  What is the best way to connect two Morphs with
a line?  I tried creating a subclass of LineMorph to hold two variables
(originatingMorph and terminatingMorph).  In its drawOn: I set the vertices to
the centers of those two morphs and then called super drawOn: to draw normally.

It draws when I initially open in the world, but never again after I move the
two endpoint morphs..

I think I'm approaching this the wrong way.  How do you do it?


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