Need your cooperation for a StarBrowser paper...

Roel Wuyts roel.wuyts at
Mon Feb 17 07:49:41 UTC 2003

Hello people,
A while ago I released the StarBrowser. If you don't know it yet, then 
the questions in this mail are not for you, but I invite you then to 
have a look at the browser for VisualWorks or Squeak ( ) :-)

If you ever played with the StarBrowser and you can spare a couple of 
minutes, then I need your help. I am writing a scientific paper about 
the StarBrowser, and would love to get some feedback (positive and 
especially negative :-) ). The core of the paper is to demonstrate that 
a simple mechanism (that of the lightweight classifications model) 
provides interoperability for tools that previously did not work 
together easily (having an Advance2 view on an arbitrary number of 
classes in the browser, displaying results of logic queries with 
Advance or CodeCrawler, having a recent methods and popular classes 
entry integrated into the browser, ...). So feedback especially 
regarding these aspects is welcome, but also any other thing you might 
think of.

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