Two important issues...

goran.hultgren at goran.hultgren at
Mon Feb 17 08:36:04 UTC 2003

Hi all!

"Andreas Raab" <andreas.raab at> wrote:
> Göran,
> > So... please tell me that I am paranoid and that the above will not
> > happen. :-)
> You are paranoid and it will not happen ... if and only if a gradual model

Thanks! ;-)

I will not bore everyone with a detailed response to Andreas - it all
simply sounds like a good plan. So I assume the next step is for
Nathanael (and you other Traitors ;-) - hehe, that one was to obvious to
miss) to come up with a report on two areas:

- What parts (as Andreas described) would he like to freeze? It sounded
as if Andreas knows this, but I assume Nathanael should have the last

- What other parts of Squeak core would he like to have improved and
how? (the stuff we have talked about - Parser/Scanner, Browser etc)

And let me remind everyone of two *important details* about this last
	licenses and dependencies

Ok, so while waiting for the above I will shut up and try to revive the
other issue in another thread. :-)

regards, Göran

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