Delegation? self?

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Mon Feb 17 09:05:02 UTC 2003

Ciao Mottadelli,

se tu lavori in IBM, credo che ci siamo conosciuti; se non ci siamo
conosciuti, credo che sia il caso che lo facciamo, dato che anch'io ho
lavorato in ST per anni e ho sviluppato un pacchetto gestionale in ST.

Mi puoi spiegare meglio la tua idea per capirne le implicazioni ?


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> Hello,
> I have worked with Smalltalk for many years, and with Java now.
> I've designed client server and enterprise applications (and
> architectures).
> Smalltalk was pure pleasure and Java is a pain..... but with both I felt
> that a class based design enforces somehow a "static" view of objects,
> while software modeling and design could grandly benefit from the
> possibility of dynamically attach behavior to objects.
> In many situations I found that deciding whether inheritance or
> delegation was more appropriate was not an easy task and I asked to
> myself: why bother? Why we don't use just one modeling principle
> (delegation) powerful enough to cover all situations?
> Also I'm finding that "Enterprise Architectures", "Containers" are just
> a way of attaching a runtime "quality of service" to objects. The
> technology used for this goal (Interceptors, Proxies, Delegates and all
> other beasts) could find a much nicer implementation using delegation.
> This just to say that my "vision" an view of software development have
> never been the same after reading of Self and in all this years it has
> intrigued me as a possibly better way of designing software.
> Is just me? Has anybody experimented delegation in Squeak?
> Regards,
> A.Mottadelli

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