Two important issues...

Markus Gaelli gaelli at
Mon Feb 17 10:10:31 UTC 2003

Am Montag, 17.02.03 um 09:25 Uhr schrieb goran.hultgren at

> Without having looked at SmaCC (I have used T-gen in that past though
> and also ehrm... Flex, Bison etc) I guess that it might be time for
> Squeak to move over to a declaratively generated Scanner/Parser instead
> of a handmade one.
> Are there any disadvantages of this that I am not aware of? Ooops -
> there could be a BIG one here. What license is SmaCC under? We need
> Squeak-L and it seems to use some other license (couldn't find it but 
> SM
> has it listed under "other") if we are going to base Squeak core stuff
> on this.
> And another thing - does it depend on RB? The SM entry doesn't say, but
> somewhere I think I saw that the devpart depends on RB...
The development-version depends on RB, the runtime-version does not.
I'll correct this on SqueakMap.
> Anyway, don't forget about these things - they are IMPORTANT. We can't
> let anything enter core that isn't under Squeak-L. And I am not sure,
> but we don't want to drag too much stuff into the core - right?


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