[Q] slang

Hannes Hirzel hannes.hirzel.squeaklist at bluewin.ch
Mon Feb 17 12:40:13 UTC 2003

Alexandre Bergel <bergel at iam.unibe.ch> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have read the chapter "Extending the Squeak Virtual Machine" in the blue book, but there is still some dark points.
> How could I get an oop from a class I made ? What would be the Slang/C translation for 'Smalltalk at: #MyGreatClass' ?
> Cheers,
> Alexandre
I do not understand your question. Slang is a subset of Smalltalk which
translates to C. There are some example classes (#TestCClass1,
#TestCClass2, #TestCClass3) in the image which use just this subset.
Could you append an example of #YourGreatClass. What is an oop?


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