[DOCS] Licenses, documentation, XML serialization (was Re: port of prevayler)

Marco Paga mail at marco-paga.de
Mon Feb 17 16:35:44 UTC 2003

Hannes Hirzel wrote:

>Hallo Marco
>Marco Paga <mail at marco-paga.de> wrote:
>>Question: The Squeak license is that everybody can use the code but only 
>>changes in the base image of squeak should be made public. Right? :-\
>>But I want people who extend my code to give their enhancement back to 
>>the community. I write code for the community and won't see any money 
>>for that. So i want other people doing it the same way if they profit of 
>>my work.
>>This license reflects most my thoughts about what open source is. Source 
>>must be always opened for everybody who wants to extend his horizon :-) .
>>btw: There is a big difference between real goods and soource code. I 
>>write something that helps me and after that I can copy this source to 
>>everybody all around the world without loosing something. If somebody 
>>uses my work as a base for further work s/he can do the same. Is it too 
>I understand your feelings. But from a practical side we can't do much
>about it.
>As the code you are going to write will probably only about 100 lines or
>so I suppose 
>I wouldn't make to much fuss about these licensing issues.
>Why not release two version
>- prevalyer-SqueakL that comes under Squeak-L and MIT 
I will release it under the Squeak-L license.

>- prevaler-GPL
>Even more important than the actual code is a tutorial / documentation
>of the prevayler ideas applied to Squeak.
I should have time for it. 

>You can put this tutorial
>the GNU Free Documentation License
>It would be extremly nice to have both options for the log file for
>- do-its like Goran is using at the moment for SqueakMap and
I don't know anything about doits. Where is it hidden in my image?

>- SIXX (XML serialization) implemented by "Masashi Umezawa"
><umejava at mars.dti.ne.jp> (on SqueakMap)
I think I will implement it too.

I will use XML and the normal serialization process of squeak. But what 
would be the advantages? I can't see any.


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