Networking from NT service

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In Windows programming you typically attach an external debugger to your
service to see whats going on. Such an external debugger is beside debugging
your service also able to catch trace message sent by the debugged
The debugged application can send these trace messages using the
OutputDebugString() API (from Kernel32.dll). 

These simple outputs on the native Windows NT debug stream are also usefull
for tracing and debugging Smalltalk/Squeak application startup 
or Smalltalk headless applications, especially when you implement a 

The trace messages can be viewed either with an external debugger or 
the system debugger attached to the Squeak virtual machine process. (a very
small and handy tool to use is the debug monitor dbmon.exe (9kB) from the
Microsoft Windows Platform SDK).

You could download and install the free Platform SDK for your platform
from the MSDN website and use the attached squeak code to do be able to
write on the NT debug stream. 

Have fun,

Note: use it with care since it only works on Windows and it should 
      also be used in debug builds of your applications.

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Hello all,

Various FAQs describe how to run a Swiki as an NT service.  I haven't
actually tried a Swiki yet, but I have a TCP server that seems to work
fine until I run it as a service.  Any ideas on what might be wrong
and/or how to debug it?


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