[Q] plugin on winxp and msie6?

Michael Rueger m.rueger at acm.org
Mon Feb 17 18:26:37 UTC 2003

Baveco, dr J.M. wrote:
> Hi all,
> will the current plugin version (latest on squeakland?) run in MSIE6.0 on
> WINXP? If so, is special code required to startup the plugin? 

Starting with 5.5 IE SP 3 or so IE does not support the Netscape plugin 
architecture anymore.
For IE you need the template outlined at the end of this email (you can 
combine this with the embed template you are using now to support both 
variants). The "src" parameter needs a URL to the project you are trying 
to load. You can also have squeakland generate the launching page for 
you by linking to
http://www.squeakalpha.org/project.jsp?<url of project goes here>

(The line above may be wrapped by your mail reader).



	ID="SqueakOCX Control"
	WIDTH=1024 HEIGHT=768
	ALIGN=center BORDER=2
   <PARAM name="src" value="The project you are trying load goes here">
   <PARAM name="update" value="144">
   <PARAM name="win32" value="Squeak3.2gamma of 12 January 2002 [latest 
update: #4879]">
   <PARAM name="macos" value="Squeak3.1alpha of 16 May 2001 [latest 
update: #4081]">
   <PARAM name="update_server" value="Squeakalpha">
   <PARAM name="loader_url" value="http://www.squeakalpha.org/project.jsp">
   <PARAM name="pluginspage" value="http://www.squeakalpha.org/detect.html">
   <PARAM name="update_url" value="http://www.squeakalpha.org/update/">
	 <PARAM name="apiSupported" value="true">

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