Licenses question (was: Re: port of prevayler)

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Mon Feb 17 20:36:12 UTC 2003

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>>From section 2 b of GPL:
>This is what is commonly referred to the "viral" property of GPL. So if
>I include code under GPL in my program then I am not free to choose my
>own license anymore for my program.
Indeed. One bit of GPL code in your image, and your whole image must be
redistributed under the GPL - which is clearly impossible given the
conditions of the SqueakL.

>Sidenote: The "at no charge" above got me confused - has GPL always had
>this clause? I am having a hard time understanding that clause since I
>was under the impression that I can carge whatever I like for software
>under GPL - as long as I include the source.
You can charge whatever you like, but not for the software license. At
least, that's what I recall.

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