License issues... (was: Re: port of prevayler)

Alain Hoang hoanga at
Mon Feb 17 20:43:27 UTC 2003


On Monday, February 17, 2003, at 03:18  PM, cg at wrote:
> Probably we need a variant of the LGPL that clearly defines the
> boundaries of a package for Squeak. Hard to do, with all the mix-up 
> that
> is going on inside an image...
	I've seen discussion about the want for a LGPL that would work for 
Squeak.  it seems that the folks at Franz had similar issues when 
dealing with making some of their LISP software Open Source so they 
ended up writing the LLGPL which clarifies GPL software in a LISP image 
based environment.  This sounds very similar to Squeak and am wondering 
how well it would work.  You can find a blurb on it here.

	I'm not a lawyer by any stretch of the imagination but perhaps some of 
the more lawyer minded on the list could see if this could possible be 
used as a start to a GPL that is Squeak friendly.

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