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Jimmie Houchin jhouchin at texoma.net
Mon Feb 17 18:16:13 UTC 2003

Marco Paga wrote:
>> How is your implementation licensed?  From the heading of your 13 Oct
>> 2002 changeset, it looks like you are using GPL.  If so, I think this is
>> a terrible idea.  If it is something for Squeak, why not use Squeak-L or
>> something even more permissive?  Is your implementation derived from the
>> actual Prevayler code (which is LGPL)?  I do not see how I can use GPL
>> or LPGL.
> The GPL is the  license I like most. You can give your code away and you 
> know that it will stay free. If somebody wants to use my code S/he can 
> do it and give her changes back to the world. The rest of her 
> application doesn't interest me. When somebody has to extend the 
> functionality it is maybe heavy needed and nobody has to do the work twice.
> I think when I code something without beeing paid I can say that others 
> can make profit of it without giving something back to the community.

GPL is all well and good for places where it is reasonably appropriate. 
However, using GPL in Squeak isn't really possible to my understanding 
because the GPL extends to code beyond your code and extensions to your 
code. That's a problem. No one has the ability to incur that liability 
upon other people's code in the image.

If you think Squeak-L is too permissive for your view of licensing then 
please consider modifying the GPL to a license you create which keeps 
your code and extensions to your code as free as the GPL but brings no 
burden to other code in the Squeak image. This could satisfy your 
purposes without imposing liabilities on others.

Hope this helps.

Jimmie Houchin

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