Networking from NT service

Bill Schwab BSchwab at
Tue Feb 18 00:41:36 UTC 2003

I spent some more time experimenting with the accounts, and worst case learned a few things that might be helpful later.  However, I keep coming back to the fact that Apache runs quite happily as a service using the Local System Account, but my Squeak service is not happy that way.

Does Squeak (on win32) use asynchronous sockets that require it to be able to create a window, and/or do anything that prevents it from using sockets when running as a service?  My network server runs ok when I run the image headless, but one could argue that it's not really headless because of the task bar icon.  I'm not complaining, but there is apparently some use of the windowing system, and that might mask a limitation when windows are not available???

I ask because Dolphin apparently does suffer from this problem.


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