Two important issues...

Stephane Ducasse ducasse at
Tue Feb 18 07:47:15 UTC 2003

Hi john

I would ***really*** like to thank you for all the good building bricks 
you are creating
for Smalltalk. Two days ago in 1h30, we wrapped a complete system, run 
SUnit and visualsed the result in CC (HotDraw-based). This is good to 
be able to rely on excellent big abstractions.

We are starting to really use SmaCC:
	- for our bibtex tool,
	- for SmallWiki (whose goal is to be dialect independent: Swazoo, 
SmaCC, SiXX, (SeaSide)),
	- for our Java plugging for Moose,
	- and soon for our languages experiments.

So I just wanted to thanks you. That's the way to go. I hope you will 
find job, because what you are doing is great.


I should say that I like your licensing schema.

On Tuesday, February 18, 2003, at 12:51 AM, John Brant wrote:

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>>> Without having looked at SmaCC (I have used T-gen in that past though
>>> and also ehrm... Flex, Bison etc) I guess that it might be time for
>>> Squeak to move over to a declaratively generated Scanner/Parser 
>>> instead
>>> of a handmade one.
>>> Are there any disadvantages of this that I am not aware of? Ooops -
>>> there could be a BIG one here. What license is SmaCC under? We need
>>> Squeak-L and it seems to use some other license (couldn't find it but
>>> SM
>>> has it listed under "other") if we are going to base Squeak core 
>>> stuff
>>> on this.
>> John?
> I try not to think about licenses that much. We make our stuff 
> available for
> people to use and hope that we get some paying work in return (lately 
> that
> hasn't been much). What license supports that? :-) As for releasing 
> parsers
> created with SmaCC in a base Squeak image, we could probably license 
> the
> runtime under the Squeak license (assuming that we can understand what 
> that
> implies).
> John Brant
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