Two important issues...

Avi Bryant avi at
Tue Feb 18 08:36:13 UTC 2003

On Tue, 18 Feb 2003 goran.hultgren at wrote:

> Hmmm, ok. I don't think the community wants such an important part of
> Squeak as the Parser/Scanner to be produced using tools that are not
> included in base Squeak (the dev part)!

Why is that a problem?  I was envisioning just the runtime and the
generated parser being part of the base image, where you would only load
the RB and SmaCC if you wanted to hack the syntax.  License considerations
aside, this seems like the best way to go in the modular world we're
trying to create, and if we're not putting the full SmaCC environment in
the base image anyway, why do we care about the license as long as it's
freely available?

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