Two important issues...

Avi Bryant avi at
Tue Feb 18 10:12:07 UTC 2003

On Tue, 18 Feb 2003 goran.hultgren at wrote:

> Avi Bryant <avi at> wrote:
> > On Tue, 18 Feb 2003 goran.hultgren at wrote:
> >
> > > I am not sure what you mean with "the base image". In my perception of
> > > the future there simply is no such thing. There are only groups of
> > > packages, and some of them are "core" to Squeak which means they are
> > > under Squeak-L and can be depended upon, the community takes care of
> > > them etc.
> >
> > Well, from a licensing point of view, all that matters is what images are
> > distributed, say from the download site.  This is what I mean
> > by "base image".  Any package that is only loaded after the user downloads
> > the image, can have any license it wants without affecting anything.  So I
> Eh, what? Are you sure about this?

IANAL, so I'm not sure about anything.  :)

> Well, I disagree. I simply want Squeak core to be non-mixed licensewise.
> And I do think that there is a clear dependency here between the
> generated parser and the tool used to generate it. So essentially I do
> think both runtime and dev belong in core and therefore should be under
> Squeak-L. But that is my opinion.

If that's possible, then great, I'm all for it.  If it's not possible -
well, we should cross that bridge if we come to it.  I wouldn't personally
want to rule SmaCC out in that case, but I understand your sentiment.  But
there's no point in arguing about it more until we know that we have to.

> Ok, I haven't found any license for SmaCC yet, do you have a url
> somewhere?

There isn't one - John was pretty clear that he didn't have a formal
license for it.

> Sidenote: Would you like to help out in defining the package groups we
> should have and the rules for them - this is clearly a problem connected
> to that set of rules. Martin Wirblat started that thread "SqueakMap vs
> Debian" the other day and I tried starting it in this thread but it
> sortof died.

I'm happy to help but it's too late at night for me to say anything
intelligent about it now.  Start a thread and I'll comment on it


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