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Tue Feb 18 14:50:36 UTC 2003

On Tue, 18 Feb 2003 15:03:04 +0100
Stephane Ducasse <ducasse at> wrote:

> Hi jimmie and others
> I think that Squeak deserves a process for managing improvements and 
> next actions to be done.
> Is there one Guide responsible of the book keeping?
> I like the idea of serge to propose to use a way to manage request for 
> changes.
> Could a group of people decide on that issue and propose something?
> I would like to see the fonts out of the image (I thought doug did that 
> in fact).
> I think that the process should help the harvesting process and also 
> somehow
> the ownership of the code.
> I really feel that we are in this situation where Squeak needs a better 
> process for establishing future priority, importance of changes....

If there some interests, i could try to write a first SEP (Squeak Enhancements Proposal) about 
 what are SEP and how they could be used in the Squeak development process (a kind of bootstrap SEP ;-) in the spirit of the original PEP.

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