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Masashi Umezawa umejava at mars.dti.ne.jp
Tue Feb 18 15:58:06 UTC 2003


> Yes, I agree. I wasn't putting down SIXX - I was more cheerfully
> noticing that someone remembered the good old chunk format! We sometimes
> forget that Smalltalk (the language) can be used for these things. And
> you avoid the burden of "yet another language to master".

Yes. I agree with that. Sometimes we tend to use some buzzword languages
only because they are thought to be cool.

> For example, SqueakMap needs no XML package to do it's logging and since
> I use the protocol in the class SqueaMap it is very compact and domain
> specific. And I don't really "serialize" anything.

Domain specific way is the most powerful (and simple) way to achieve
On the contrary, generic way is somewhat complicated but provides
flexibility if applied appropriately.

So, we always have to consider and select the right direction. ;->

[:masashi | ^umezawa]

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