Two important issues...

John W. Sarkela sarkela at
Tue Feb 18 16:04:02 UTC 2003

The Squeak World Tour strategy was to leave the original license
untouched, but add an attachment to the original license noting
that the Apple/Microsoft IP (the fonts) had been removed.

ie, Keep the original license, add info indicating that the clauses
with respect to Apple and Microsoft do not apply to anything
in the work.


On Tuesday, February 18, 2003, at 06:10 AM, goran.hultgren at 

> Jimmie Houchin <jhouchin at> wrote:
>> goran.hultgren at wrote:
>>> Avi Bryant <avi at> wrote:
>>>> On Tue, 18 Feb 2003 goran.hultgren at wrote:
>>> And exactly how a license can be revoced (correct word?) depend on 
>>> the
>>> license I think, they aren't always "forever".
>> To my understanding a license cannot be revoked. It is forever for the
>> source that it was distributed with.
> There are plenty of people who are not so sure of this - and they seem
> much more knowledgeable than you and me, see for example:
> regards, Göran

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