Licences Question : Squeak-L Art 6.

Alan Kay Alan.Kay at
Tue Feb 18 18:06:53 UTC 2003

Well, I haven't really wanted to pursue it ... though, I think much 
more is known about how to do licenses than we did in '96.

We mainly wanted Squeak to be
  - totally open source and available
  - used in any reasonable way by all kinds of users
  - "strongly encourage" all users to put improvements back into open 
source (a la the process of Science).

and we were sure that we didn't want Squeak-L to be remotely like GPL.

We had a month to do it at Apple with a friendly lawyer and a willing 
boss. I think it's worked out OK *and* that we could now do a better 
job of writing a license.

OTOH, there's a reasonably true adage about letting sleeping dogs lie ....




At 9:50 AM -0800 2/18/03, Ned Konz wrote:
>On Tuesday 18 February 2003 09:46 am, Alan Kay wrote:
>>  I agree that should be changed. I think that current Apple SW does
>>  not have that restriction? Doesn't Apple currently use BSD or some
>>  such as its license policy?
>Alan, what's the likelyhood of getting a changed license out of Apple?
>Ned Konz


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