Crystal Space Open Source 3D software and game development kit

Darius squeakuser at
Wed Feb 19 00:08:45 UTC 2003

You might try Blender for rapid 3D modeling, prototyping, & 3D games. Open
Source. Python scripted. Active online community.

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Hi Stephane,
I have been working with Genesis3D Engine
 during more than a year. Genesis3D has
 same capabilities as Crystal Space, but it is written
 in C (it is better not to "have" objects where all
 are structs and methods).
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>scripting (using Python or other languages),
When you work in an object environment like Smalltalk,
 scripting sounds like a poormans solution.
Writing wrappers to game objects and working
 with dynamic capabilities of smalltalk is much
 better than simply scripting.
You can read a very good article on game development
 using evolution in the game environment at
  (if you are not registered in Gamasutra)
My work on Genesis3D has been done using VisualSmalltalk
You can see some screenshots in the goodies page
 for VisualSmalltalk of Smalltalking at
Many times I think about porting the wrapper to Squeak,
 and really love the idea to have and easy way to use Squeak
 for Game development while playing (feeling the game during
 development)... but I don??????t know if it will be acepted as
 a "valid" solution in the community (instead of using a
 full squeak+plugIN solution or Ballon3D).
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written in C++
> This may interest some of you.
> Crystal Space 0.96r002 is an Open Source 3D software and game
> development kit, written in C++, that supports true six degrees of
> freedom, colored lighting, alpha transparency, reflective surfaces, 3D
> sprites, volumetric fog, scripting (using Python or other languages),
> 16-bit and 32-bit display support, OpenGL, and more. Crystal Space is
> free for Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, and Windows.
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