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Wed Feb 19 05:09:56 UTC 2003

Morphic Wrapper programmers;

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Subject: [Bob's UI][3.0a][BUG]  Mouse-over selection of hierarchical list	element

> I installed Bob's UI (3.0a) from SqueakMap just now.  Then I opened SM
Package Loader and selected "set download directory" from the menu.  When I ran 
the mouse over the expanded hierarchical list of directories, each element 
I moused over was highlighted in turn -- and the SqueakMap download
directory changed to that newly-selected directory. The only way I found to
*keep* that directory selected, was to move the mouse out of the hierarchical
list morph and then carefully click the OK button.

Is there a preference to disable this mouse-over-selection behavior?  


There is a bug in the Morphic Wrapper changeset causing this behavior.  This problem is caused by the changes made to the SimpleHierarchicalListMorph and IndentingListItemMorph.  I can load the Morphic Wrapper changeset without the changes to these classes, and the problem does not appear.  The rest of Morphic Wrappers appears to work fine without these changes, at least the small amount that I tested, so I don't know if these changes are even necessary.

- Doug 

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