[Q] Enum style Object?

Eric Merritt cyberlync at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 19 04:45:51 UTC 2003

This question probably has an obvious solution but I
can't see it at the moment. 

For the most part my Java experience has proved to be
useful in aqueak (squeak is like the garden of eden
compared to java :) but I am having trouble getting my
mind around a state machine. In java I would just
create a state instance var thats a byte and tehn have
a series of static final bytes that represent each
state, in C/C++ I would use an enum. I can't, however,
for the life of me figure out how to translate this to
squeak. I guess maybe the states  would be class vars
initialized  in the class initializer but this seems a
bit strange to me. Would one of you point me in the
right direction?


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