Why do ChangeSets sort?

Richard A. O'Keefe ok at cs.otago.ac.nz
Wed Feb 19 05:34:00 UTC 2003

	I would consider separating the installation into several change sets 
	all stuck in a SAR. You can then load them in the proper order, 
	and/or have conditional loading based on Squeak versions.
Is SAR available for Squeak 3.0?
(Documentation problem:  my network connection is down again.
 IT services are getting ready for the beginning of semester, and
 this seems to make my off-campus Web access disappear from time to time.)
Having a whole bunch of change-sets just to get things done in the order
I did them seems a little, no, extremely unfriendly of Squeak.

	> Q4:  I'd like the change set to be usable in 3.0, 3.2, and 3.4.
	>      Is it OK if a change set file contains directives to remove
	> methods that don't exist?  How do I make one remove a method from a
	> _class_ that might not exist in some version?
	I'd stick this in a preamble or postscript, generally, or in a 
	separate change set for that specific version.
Details, please.  I know what preambles and postscripts are and how to
create them, but WHAT do I stick in there?  What MAY I stick in there?

If Squeak can't remember what order I did things in, letting me
explicitly tie the changes into some sort of order and remembering
_that_ might be a good idea.

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