Fuzzy Objects (Re: Smalltalk Solutions: 2nd callforparticipation)

Tansel tansel at squeakonline.com
Tue Feb 18 13:15:22 UTC 2003

Hi Luciano and everybody,

> Tansel implemented Fuzzy Objects in a framework called
> FOBM (Fuzzy Object and Behavior Modeling). I'm not
> sure it runs in Squeak... when I saw it it was
> implemented in VS. If Tansel is arround perhaps he can
> tell us more..
> Luciano.-

I have ported most of the VS FOBM framework to Squeak but there are still a
few things to do.  I am planning to release the system later in the year.
Right now I am quite busy but I'll have more time after March 15th. The plan
is getting Squeak News back on track and releasing Snowball first, and then
releasing FOBM framework. Of course if anybody is interested in being a
pre-alpha tester for FOBM (or Snowball for that matter), then please contact
me. There will be a Squeak News issue on soft computing and I plan to put
one or two articles about FOBM into that issue.

A Squeak News status note and a CFP for articles for Squeak News are on
their way to this list within a week. If you have any ideas about articles
you don't have to wait for a CFP, just contact me.



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