Fuzzy Objects (Re: Smalltalk Solutions: 2nd callforparticipation)

Lorenzo Schiavina lorenzo at edor.it
Wed Feb 19 08:35:34 UTC 2003

Hi Tansel,

I am working to fuzzy sets too; I am interested to be a pre-alpha tester.


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> Hi Luciano and everybody,
> >
> > Tansel implemented Fuzzy Objects in a framework called
> > FOBM (Fuzzy Object and Behavior Modeling). I'm not
> > sure it runs in Squeak... when I saw it it was
> > implemented in VS. If Tansel is arround perhaps he can
> > tell us more..
> >
> > Luciano.-
> I have ported most of the VS FOBM framework to Squeak but there are still
> few things to do.  I am planning to release the system later in the year.
> Right now I am quite busy but I'll have more time after March 15th. The
> is getting Squeak News back on track and releasing Snowball first, and
> releasing FOBM framework. Of course if anybody is interested in being a
> pre-alpha tester for FOBM (or Snowball for that matter), then please
> me. There will be a Squeak News issue on soft computing and I plan to put
> one or two articles about FOBM into that issue.
> A Squeak News status note and a CFP for articles for Squeak News are on
> their way to this list within a week. If you have any ideas about articles
> you don't have to wait for a CFP, just contact me.
> Cheers,
> Tansel

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