bad bitblt arg (Fraction?) error

Ragnar Hojland Espinosa ragnar at
Wed Feb 19 12:22:36 UTC 2003

On Tue, Feb 18, 2003 at 09:24:05AM -0800, Ned Konz wrote:
> On Tuesday 18 February 2003 07:05 am, Ragnar Hojland Espinosa wrote:
> > I recompiled my 3.2-5 with libffi (which I think is needed in order
> > to use ByteArray unsignedLongAt as per Ned's excellent example) and
> > now squeak errors out with:
> >
> >    Error: "Bad BitBlt arg (Fraction?); proceed to convert.
> >
> > no matter wether I compile it with or without ffi, or
> > B3DAcceleratorPlugin. Given that I don't need 3D (as of yet:) what
> > would I need to disable to have squeak working again?
> Can you see where this is happening? Generally this occurs when you 

Not really.. in squeak image A, I can only move one window, the foreground
one.  If i try to maximize the the iconified ones, it moves to the center
and when it should expand it just sits there and doesn't maximize.

In image B, when I try to move a window it end up corrupting the foreground
and blitting a gradient.  You can see a screenshot at

> pass rectangle bounds that aren't integers to a drawing method. You 
> will see "asInteger" sprinkled through the code to deal with this. 
> You probably just have to add yet another one somewhere.

I'm afraid I'm quite lost here..
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