[Q] B3DDemo tutorial

David Faught dave_faught at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 19 14:05:03 UTC 2003

I should have run through the rest of the examples and read the
rest of the text before asking about this, I guess.  I just get a
little nervous when one of the first examples in a tutorial doesn't
work as advertised.

I plan to use Balloon3D to do a data plot, which I think I can figure
out from the surface plot examples.  Is there a way to use an object
developed for B3D in a Wonderland?  It might be fun to have a Humvee
run through my plot periodically, or present the data plot in the
middle of of a stadium with a crowd cheering ...

On Feb 18 at 21:09:32, Boris Gaetner wrote:
>A piece of coal will be black under any light. To see the effect of
>ambient light, you have to look at a body that reflects colored
>light. Ideally, you use a body that reflects all colors.
>Translated into the language of B3D, this means that you have to
>"cover" your scene object with a material that reflects
>colored light. For best results, you should use  Color white
>as  ambient part of that material.
>When you experiment with B3DSceneMorph>>createDefaultScene
>(as proposed in the tutorial), you may wish to try this: (my
>additions in boldface types)


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