Layout questions

tblanchard at tblanchard at
Fri Feb 21 00:33:10 UTC 2003

I've now got 3 full days trying to do a simple layout thing and I 
confess that I still can't figure out the protocol and I'm tired of 
locking up my image.

Can anyone give me an explanation of how

fullBounds, privateFullBounds, bounds, privateBounds, outerBounds, 
layoutBounds, layoutChanged, layoutInBounds, layoutInset, 
adjustLayoutBounds, doLayoutIn:

are supposed to fit together?

The examples on the wiki only show you how to configure the existing 
layout managers - I'm trying to write a new one.  The most cryptic bit 
is - once I work out what the new bounds of the child component are - 
how do I communicate it?  Just set the bounds?  Set the layoutBounds?  
Set the fullBounds?

-Todd Blanchard

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