Scamper support for https?

Stephen Pair spair at
Fri Feb 21 02:06:13 UTC 2003

One way that I think you could get up and running quickly is to use
stunnel (  If it could be wrapped up as a plugin, it
might be quite usable without needing to go through the pain of
re-implementing SSL.  I use stunnel to provide SSL support for Squeak
servers...I haven't used it with Scamper (or other squeak client) but it
should work just fine.

- Stephen

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> Anyone looking at https support for Scamper?  Almost all 
> sites dealing with financial transactions today use https for 
> basic security.  I realize that no one has the bandwidth to 
> make Scamper "competitive" with the big guys, but support for 
> https would greatly increase its usefullness and access to a 
> ever growing part of the net.
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