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Yoshiki.Ohshima at Yoshiki.Ohshima at
Fri Feb 21 07:32:50 UTC 2003


> Anyway, I'm playing with the PocketPC ARM VM and the TinySqueak image.. and
> wondered which method would be better try (FFI or Plugins) in order to access
> the native TAPI (Telephony API) on the PocketPC 2002 phone edition
> (T-mobile).

  As far as I know, anyone have done FFI plugin for ARM yet and anyway
it is not a part of current WinCE VM.  So the choice is plugins.

> I've read all the info I have found, including and *excellent* walkthrough on
> building plugins from Ned Konz. I *think* I understand the difference between
> the two, but I'm not sure which one would be better to try on the PocketPC...
> anyone done anything like this?

  Try the latest VM found at

and let me know how they works, too.

-- Yoshiki

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