3 "find" problems in BookMorph

Alain Plantec alain.plantec at univ-brest.fr
Fri Feb 21 09:55:58 UTC 2003

Hello all,

I'm working on smacc gui and I've found bugs in the "find" (alt-f) 
maybe someone could help me?

    When finding text on a BookMorph, an  "errorSubscriptBounds: index " 
signal occur.
    One can test it with the SmaCCParserGenerator gui for example (which 
use TabbedPalette)
    It seems that it is the "findText:" method reponsibility:   

    in findText:, replacing
        "allText _ self valueOfProperty: #allText ifAbsent: [#()]." with
        "allText _ self valueOfProperty: #allText ifAbsent: [set 
    allow  searching, but then the first match is not highlighted.
    in a BookMorph, "find" behavior could be described as follow :
        search next match on current page, if not found, search on next 
   I think this behavior is not the good one on SmaCC, for example.
   I would like "find" to search text only on current page :
        A search on scanner page should not swap to Parser page.

    Maybe is shows that there are two fonctionalities here :
        (1) find text on current page and (2) find text on all pages.
    On TabbedPalette, with current behavior, when a page change occur 
with find,
    the new current page  corresponding button is not updated :
        I'am on scanner page, scanner page button is highlighted. I do a 
search and a page swap occur.
        Now I am on the parser page but the scanner button remain 

alain plantec

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