Scamper support for https?

Stephen Pair spair at
Fri Feb 21 13:30:56 UTC 2003

I'm not sure how you'd get apache to provide SSL support for Scamper as
a client...can you do that with apache?

As for servers, I think stunnel is a nice alternative to apache if all
you need from apache is the SSL capability (in which case apache is
overkill).  All stunnel does is SSL and is very configurable (and can
thus be used to provide SSL capability to both clients and servers).  It
also uses openssl (which apache also uses), so it should be widely
compatible with most SSL implementations.

At one point (several years ago), I thought about interfacing squeak to
openssl, but didn't have the time to complete the work.  Stunnel
provided an easy way to get the functionality I needed (note: I needed
to initiate outbound SSL connections from my servers).

- Stephen

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> Hi all!
> And of course you can very easily use Apache as a proxy in 
> front offering https. I have it working, dead simple. But of 
> course you all knew this... ;-)
> regards, Göran

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