Taking control of parts of Squeak

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Fri Feb 21 18:15:55 UTC 2003

> But now Squeak is an airplane (a fast, fancy one) without a pilot.
As one of the completely unpaid people putting in outrageous amounts of
time to pilot Squeak as best we can I'm a tiny bit offended by this

We (and I mean _everybody_ not just the guides etc) are all trying to do
the right thing - the last person trying to do the wrong thing was
picked up just last week by the Dept of Squeakland Security Special
Police.  Yes, things don't go as fast as most of us would like. Things
will get left out. Guess what - it's just like real life!

My view on 'ownership' and big changes is that the people working on
major changes are definitely _not_ the people that should decide on
go/no-go precisely becase they have such a vested interest. I'll review
other peoples code, even my own code as best I can, but I _never_ rely
on my own view of my own code without a backup reviewer. Ain't wise.

Big changes need big reviews by several people - preferably including at
least one 'naive' person that we can hope will spot the dumb mistake
every expert view just slides over because it's too obvious.

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