sandboxing doIts

Tim Rowledge tim at
Fri Feb 21 20:02:39 UTC 2003

> In this case, allowing the assignment and arithmetic expressions is 
> about
> all I need.  Later on, there may be certain objects passed in whose
> protocol they'll get to explore (think Canvas), but I'm a long way from
> needing arbitrary secure code.  I think what Tim needed was similar - 
> he
> essentially wanted to use Smalltalk code as a way of expressing 
> algebraic
> equations.
A bit more than that actually - I want to allow a fairly wide range of 
expressions without letting nasty minded people trying things like
Smalltalk quitPrimitive
true become: nil
Smalltalk removeClass: Number
I don't recall enough details right now but I think I was leaning 
towards a simple class to use as the scope origin along with a few 
compiler hacks to handle undeclared etc.

tim at

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