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German Morales germanmorales at delta-sys.com
Sat Feb 22 14:56:50 UTC 2003

It seems that Daniel Vainsencher wrote:
> About the MCP page -
> You guys've been busy... :-)

Well... somehow ;-)

> Have you guys thought about how to organize your review processes
> (including both internal and external people)? I think it's very
> important to start it right from the beginning, since it'll help you as
> a group consolidate your knowledge, priorities and workflow, and also
> because it will enable us Guides to review work that's ready. This
> feedback is important to avoid rework and move faster. It might be a
> good idea to make the review status visible on the Swiki, by adding a
> comment like "reviewed by gm 22/2/03, amended 26/2/03". That way both
> you and other people know where you stand.

I'm not sure on how to "review" this refactorings. I'd like to hear your
suggestions for the process.

> And as soon as you have stuff reviewed, start sending [FIX]es and
> [REFACTOR]es to the list. Yes, I think we need another official prefix
> for things that don't change functionality - we want refactorings to be
> first class citizens in Squeak.

I suppose we will send our first FIX when we finish this first step (SLint
related work).

> you should solicit external reviewers, as well as internal ones,
> especially from the people more familiar with Morphic

Who would be good candidate?


German Morales

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