Licences Question : Squeak-L Art 6.

Jimmie Houchin jhouchin at
Sat Feb 22 15:56:05 UTC 2003

Daniel Vainsencher wrote:
> Maybe. 
> If you know, can you supply more details on why the APSL 1.2 is
> inappropriate, other than not having been in existance when Squeak was
> created?
> Looks good to me, looks good to OSI, obviously Apple generally sees some
> merit in it...
> Daniel

Not speaking for Cees.

IMO it seems the APSL for and by Apple is more geared to projects that 
they are currently stewarding. Projects that they are maintaining 
control over. Squeak is not such a project.

To my understanding Apple has had little contact, input, impact upon 
Squeak since setting it free.

Due to this I proposed in a different email approaching Apple with a BSD 
type license. This covers their legal requirements while being a 
reasonably understood and minimal license much in the spirit of the 
Squeak community.

Jimmie Houchin

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